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After almost 12mths of debate we have now have finalised the details for the inaugural "Country Brewer - Brewing Competition".

Entry forms and guidelines are available at any of the 7 Country Brewer stores or can be emailed on request ... but following are some of the details.

-Entries close Saturday 2nd July, 2005.
-Entry Fee $7 (incl G.S.T.) each entry
-Maximum of one entry per category
-Results posted 31st July, 2005
-11 categories being Low Alc, Pale Ales, Bitter, Dark Ale, Strong Ale, Stout,
Pale European Lager, Dark Lager, Strong Lager, Wheat & Aust/American Lager.

Prizes will be awarded for First, Second & Third place in each class as following:-

1st Place $50 Credit
2nd Place 1 x TCB Wetpak + 1 x Wals Concentrate
3rd Place 1 x Xtract 3kg Concentrate

The Grand Champion title will be awarded to the entrant achieving the highest score across all classes.
They will receive:-

$500 credit

For further details, or if you wish to be a part of the judging process, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Country Brewer stores, or email [email protected]


Shawn Miles
The Country Brewer

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