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4.6 Chocolate Schwartzbier

Discussion in '4. AMBER & DARK LAGER' started by fungrel, 25/8/17.


  1. fungrel

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    Posted 25/8/17
    Here is my recipe for a Schwartzbier.

    The beer stands out from the addition of Chocolate Wheat. Huge notes of bitter chocolate and subtle roasted flavours underpin the flavour profile.

    Feedback from a pro brewer's notes at comp indicates that the beer has "fantastic integration between layers of complex malts" so that's good enough for me to keep this recipe on file to brew each year.

    Brew Method: All Grain
    Style Name: Munich Dunkel
    Boil Time: 90 min
    Batch Size: 23 liters (fermentor volume)
    Boil Size: 29.2 liters
    Boil Gravity: 1.041
    Efficiency: 79% (brew house)

    Original Gravity: 1.052
    Final Gravity: 1.012
    ABV (standard): 5.2%
    IBU (tinseth): 26.01
    SRM (morey): 20.81

    2.5 kg - German - Munich Light (51.1%)
    1.5 kg - German - Pilsner (30.7%)
    600 g - German - Munich Dark (12.3%)
    120 g - German - Chocolate Wheat (2.5%)
    120 g - German - Carafa II (2.5%)
    50 g - German - Melanoidin (1%)

    45 g - Tettnanger, Type: Pellet, AA: 4, Use: Boil for 90 min, IBU: 23.06
    10 g - Saaz, Type: Pellet, AA: 4, Use: Whirlpool for 0 min at 99 °C, IBU: 2.96

    1) Temp: 52 C, Time: 5 min
    2) Temp: 63 C, Time: 30 min
    3) Temp: 72 C, Time: 30 min
    4) Temp: 76 C, Time: 20 min
    Starting Mash Thickness: 2.7 L/kg

    0.5 each - Brewtan B, Time: 1 min, Type: Fining, Use: Boil
    0.5 ml - ALDC, Type: Other, Use: Primary
    5 ml - Biofine Clear, Type: Fining, Use: Kegging

    Wyeast - Bavarian Lager 2206
    Starter: Yes
    Form: Liquid
    Attenuation (avg): 75%
    Flocculation: Med-High
    Optimum Temp: 7.78 - 14.44 C
    Fermentation Temp: 9 C
    Pitch Rate: 2.0 (M cells / ml / deg P)
    Additional Yeast: 4L Starter

    Mash water:
    Sparge water:

    Takes a while to smooth out the roasted flavours (try 6-8 weeks), but when it does it's something to behold.
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