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I have been working on this project for a while now and this is actually my 3rd iteration. I thought it was time to share it and see if there is any interest. I have uploaded all of the source files to
GitHub - N3MI-DG/Filler3: Open Source Can Filler .

A quick video of its first run can be seen here:

Operation is as follows.
Once powered the filler homes itself at the top.
On button press it move to a purge position where it activates a solenoid to purge the can with co2 for a defined duration.
It then moves to the fill position where it fills the can until the sensor rod it touched.
It then can either move to a post purge position and burst co2 or straight home out of the way for the cap to be put on.

This was based on the idea of HarryBrew69 for his can filler, except built using standard parts used in 3d printing. (All electric / no pneumatic).
I have done my best to keep any spills away from the electronics, but I only can condition and have not tested with carbonated beer.


I hope someone can find this useful.


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