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Equipment For Sale 3 vessel homebrew set up - Melbourne

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Hi everyone,

Selling my homebrew setup I built sometime ago plus bits and pieces - essentially everything there to get started straight away.

It contains:
2 x 32L pots fitted with ball valves and tri-clover fittings (1 for HLT, 1 for Kettle/Whirlpool)
1 x 20L insulated mash tun fitted with ball valve & tri-clover
1 x 0.5 micron carbon filter hose quick connect inlet, tri-clover outlet
1 x Kegking heat ex w hose quick connect inlet
1 x pump with tri-clover fittings
2 x 2 ring gas burners (tack welded to the wire mesh) - great for getting to strike temp and boil quickly.
relevant hoses and stainless tri-clover fittings for mashing, vorlauf, sparging, lautering, whirlpool, knocking out to fermenter
tri-clover clamps & gaskets
Fermenters and 1 x glass yeast prop
2 x corny kegs
1 x temp controller (both hot/cold)
spare parts, process aids like salts, pvpp, biofine, push connects, kegline

Happy to answer any questions, great little mobile setup that makes great wort and easy to pull everything apart to clean.


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