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3 Tier All Grain Setup - Brisbane

Aussie Home Brewer

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3 Tier All Grain Setup - Northside Brisbane
Pick-up only
$500 - please note sold as setup only
44L S/Steel Kettle with ball valve
40L Crown Water Urn – concealed element
36L Gatorade Mash Tun with S/Steel False Bottom
3 Ring gas burner with regulator and line (no gas bottle)
Galvanised Stand on wheels
Stainless Steel hopsock
S/steel Immersion Chiller
Copper Immersion Chiller
240V Immersible pump for use with Chiller
DEI 106H Temperature Controller with s/steel probe (heating only)
Monster Mill 3 Grain Mill with hopper
Digital Thermometer – hand held
pH papers
Plastic Fermentation Carboy x 1
Bottle Tree
Miscellaneous Water salts
8kg Gladfields Lager Malt (fresh)


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