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Just thought I would give you a run down these recent pick ups-

Tusker lager - (Kenyan Breweries)

Light yellow in color with a faint malt/honey grassy hop aroma. Taste stays in the front of the mouth and doesnt travel any futher - no doubt very easy to knock back whilst watching the elephants roll past on a 40 degree day in the middle of no where. I wouldnt rush out to purchase again but one bonus is the handy 500ml bottle for homebrewing.

Huyghe-Melle - Chocolate Witbier (Belguim)

Bought this one for the curiosity value. I was expecting to pour something resembling a chocolate flavoured milk drink but the color was hazy brown. It smelt like a freshly unwrapped easter egg with an intense cointreau vanilla aroma. Taste for me was sweet and sickly and unlike any beer I have tasted before. Not one I would recommend.

Triple Malt Ale - Dark Isle Brewery (Tasmania)

Third time lucky! Nice brown color /light carbonation. Great sweet malt/christmas pudding type aroma. Hops are evident but dificult to determine the type . Light Fruity taste that gives no indication of the high 7.3% rating. You could Knock these back with ease.

Next purchase..... Mercs own Peach Ale

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