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2v Or 3v Herms?

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Dungeon O' Sponge Brewery
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Hey all,

Just wondering if most people runnings a HERMS system went for 2 or 3 vessels?

I was thinking of just having a HLT with an element, with a removable HERMS coil, which would then be used as the kettle as well.

I couldn't think of an advantage of having the extra vessel if the coil is removable, but I am open to all ideas.




Crazy Clown
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3v is the way to go. As you will need another vessel anyway unless you are going to do a full volume mash.

As you will be filling your kettle while your sparging out of your HLT wether it be fly or bath sparge you will need a dedicated HLT. As with fly sparge your draining the HLT at the speed your draining the MT to the kettle. With batch sparge you drain the MT into the kettle the top up the MT again from the HLT and then drain to the kettle, Most people do 2 batch sparges but the first gets put into the MT with the liquid you mashed with usually.

But if your going to put the mash and sparge water in the MT at the start then you could get away with 2v but not sure if this is a good idea or not??? If it was a good way I gues it would be the way every one would do it as it would make the brew day alot easier

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