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Well this is my 2nd attempt at mead

The first one was ok but still needs more ageing,but sadly only 1 2lt bottle left.
Mind you all who tried it said it was great....but a bit strong about 20% ish
This one will be mild compared to my first one (look at my blog for the first one)

4kg organic wildflower honey
1kg frozen rasberies
CY17 yeast
Yeast nutrient (cant remember which one but does it really matter)
Teaspoon of tartaric and Malic acid
15lt water

All this fermented well for a 2 weeks plenty of sediment on the bottom of the fermenter

Racked it off into another fermenter using a stocking over the transfer tube to filter out any rassbery bits

At this point I added 20g of tartaric acid and 10g of malic acid----Tasting it after that I thought I had fucked it with too much acid, but after a week the acidity settled down, promising an awsome mead with ageing.

After a week I added 40g of Raw American oak chips, might be too much I'll give it a taste in a week and rack it off again if need be.

I think the colour sofar is fantastic :drinks:


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