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240L Fermentation Fridge 2 x 25L buckets, good condition, $100

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G'day, i'm moving O/S, and selling a few things.

Here's my fermenting fridge. Fits two 25L fermenting buckets, or 1 x 25L + 1 x 30L bucket (one using blow off tube instead of an airlock).

It's a fridge only, no freezer. It's a cheaper brand - "Lemair", but is relatively youthful (maybe 4 years old?), and in good nick.

I have accidentally gotten the 'heat' and 'cool' plugs mixed up on my temp controller in the past, and i can confidently say, lager brewers will be have no problem lagering at 1 deg C etc. I froze a 25L brew solid, so it definitely has plenty of grunt!

Comes with 4 glass shelves, and 5 plastic door shelves (one door shelf is cracked) and two crisper drawers.

When using as a fermenting fridge, i just had one glass shelf in the middle, and no door shelves.

I wasn't plan on selling my temp controller or heat pad, but will do so if they are particularly wanted.

Paid $80 for temp controller, will sell for $65 (two years old).

Paid around $30 for the heat pad, will sell for $20.

Obviously this fridge is perfectly viable to be used as... well, a fridge!

Prob don't bother PM-ing me, just text or ring:

0422 052 645

I'm in Birchgrove, Sydney (adjacent to Balmain).



PS, also selling two bar fridges, one just for bottles, one for 2 x corny kegs, with two taps, and lines (i'm keeping the reg, not sure about the bottle yet). Will post this stuff in a later ad.




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