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Following up last year's successful competition we are proud to announce RBT's 2nd annual homebrewing competition: British Ales.

Judging is on Saturday, August 31st, 2013. Be sure to get your entries to us by Tuesday, August 27, 2013. Deliver entries to:
RBT, c/- Homebrewers Warehouse,
13 Hammett St.,
Currajong, QLD 4812

As usual, we've chosen styles from the BJCP with the prerequisite that either the category or style has a British country in it. You can enter more than one beer per category, though only one beer per style:

Category 1: English Pale Ales:
8A. Standard Bitter
8B. Special Bitter
8C. Extra Special Bitter
14A. English IPA

Category 2: Scottish and Irish Ales:
9A. Scottish Light 60/
9B. Scottish Light 70/
9C. Scottish Light 80/
9D. Irish Red Ale

Category 3: English Brown Ales:
11B. Southern English Brown
11C. Northern English Brown

Category 4: Strong British Ales
9E. Strong Scotch Ale
19B. English Barleywine

Category 5: Specialty British Ale
23: British Specialty Beer (a very slight variation of the BJCP's "23: Specialty Beer")

Prizes are yet to be announced (we need to source some). If you would like to donate anything or come to Townsville to help with judging, please email us at [email protected]

** Note: we promise we didn't copy the Melbourne Brewers with our British Ales theme, just a happy coincidence. Further, we're more than happy for the brewers entering the Melbourne comp to send their beers up to Townsville for our comp!

View attachment 2013 RBT British Ales Entry Form.pdf


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The 2013 RBT British Ales Comp is fast approaching. To try and entice you to part with your delicious British Ales for the comp, here are some prizes (you might win) to tempt you:

The Townsville Brewery Company have kindly donated a 'day with the brewers' where the winner will get to help the brewers brew a batch of beer. Some would call it cheap labour, others would say a fantastic opportunity to help brew beer on a commercial scale. The brewer of the beer deemed 'best of show' will win this prize.

The good folks at Brew Cellar have donated a 30L fermenter for each of the 5 categories, 100g of English hops for each category as well as a dry English yeast for each of the top 3 from each category.

Those handsome devils at Homebrewers Warehouse (the drop off point for the beers) will be donating 5kg of Best Malz "Red X" grain to each category. Red X is a new grain on the market which is notorious for turning beers red!

The Brew Shop have continued their support by donating a White Labs liquid yeast to each of the 5 categories.

Keg King have jumped on board and will be donating four 9L keg parkas, two 18L keg parkas and three 3" Stainless Temperature Dials.

A massive thank-you to all the generous sponsors! Should you want to donate something as well, please contact us at [email protected]

For more info on the competition, please check out: https://sites.google.com/site/righteousbrewersoftownsville/competitions/2013-rbt-british-ales-brewing-competition


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Results are in. Thank you to all our entrants, our stewards and our judges (particularly professional brewers, Scott from the Townsville Brewery and Ian from Holgate).

Champion Brewer: Josh Allen

Best of Show: Dave Jones (Southern English Brown)
R/U Josh Allen (Irish Red Ale)

English Pale Ale
1st - Rob Callin (Standard Bitter) 42
2nd - Ryan Ellery (Special Bitter) 41.5
3rd - Matt Bradford (English IPA) 38.5
Highly Commended - Matt Holloway (Standard Bitter) 38
Highly Commended - Danny Fuller (Special Bitter) 38

Scottish and Irish Ale
1st - Josh Allen (Irish Red Ale) 39
2nd - Michael O'Shea (Irish Red Ale) 34
3rd - Scott Eckford (Irish Red Ale) 33
HC - Rob Callin (Irish Red) 32.5
HC - Russell Carpenter (Scottish 60-) 32.5

English Brown Ale
1st - Dave Jones (Southern English Brown) 42.5
2nd - Danny Fuller (Northern English Brown) 38
3rd - Russell Carpenter (Southern English Brown) 35
HC - Peter Dixon (Northern English Brown) 34.5

Strong British Ale
1st - Josh Allen (Eng. Barleywine) 32
2nd - James White (Scotch Ale) 29.6
3rd - Russell Carpenter (Engl. Barleywine) 29.3

Specialty British Ale

1st - Josh Allen (Old Ale aged w/ bourbon soaked oak chips) 34
2nd - Matt Bradford (Eng IPA brewed w/ home smoked malt) 32
3rd - Nigel Hassell (Eng ESB w/ NZ hops) 29.5
4th - Ashley Smith (Scotch Ale w/ Lager Yeast) 26

Congratulations to all our place getters! Judging sheets will be sent out soon.

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