2 Batches Of Stalled Ferment Us05

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G'day folks...

I've got two batches in the primary...

1) is a coopers English ale OG 1042
2) extract pale ale (self hopped) OG 1055

Both have been sitting between 18-20 degrees based on the temperature strip on the outside if the primary, and have been sitting for 7 days.

1) the coopers ale is reading 1030 with no sign of fermentation. I have shaken the fermenter and warmed it up to about 20-21 degrees with no luck to get it going again...

The extract pale ale is reading 1020 over the last two days, but does have a thick krausen so perhaps this brew is just slow...

I used us05 and have not changed my technique at all, but have never had this problem. I normally leave in. Fermenter for 2-3 weeks but usually it only takes about 5 days to get down to FG of about 1010...

I bought both packets of yeast from The e same shop- but I'm still wondering what's going on?

I have tested the hydrometer, it reads 1000 at 20 degrees...

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