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Hey Guys,
Long time no see, I've had a bit of a break from brewing but I want to get back into it full swing and what better than to try out my first lager.

Now I guess where do I start with it? Pretty much I am using Saflager yeast which is best under 20 degrees from what I understand so basically what I do is mix everything up like I would with an ale, let it cool slightly in the fridge, then plonk the yeast in and let it do it's stuff or am I missing something completely?

Any help would be great, I would list what else I have but at this stage I have stored away all the stuff that well I can't even find it myself :D

The fridge I am using generally sits between 0 - 5 degrees, will this be fine?

Anything else I need to keep in mind besides it taking longer to ferment?



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Here is a Munich Heles - Lager recipee that you might want to try.
Primary fermentation should be around 12 Degrees - use Saflager S23 or S189 dry Yeast.
Rack and add SAAZ hops in the secondary for 2 weeks min - can store in fridge at 5 - but rack longer then....4 weeks.

Any problems, just e-mail me .


Munich Helles 3rd place with a score of 120

Made in Mar this year. This is one of the best, easiest and cheapest and summer drinking lagers you can make.

Morgans Saaz Golden Pilsner
250 gms of Corn Syrup
1 kg of Dextrose
1 teaspoon of yeast nutrient
Half a handful of Saaz Pellets for Dry Hopping.
Saflager S23 Yeast

Add all ingredients except for hops into a sterilised fermenter with 3 litres of boiling water.
Stir vigorously adding yeast nutrient then add cold water to 20 litres.
Make a yeast starter with S23 yeast.
After 10 mins, pitch yeast starter into fermenter after checking that yeast is multiplying and OK.
Rack after 12 days dry hop with one table spoon of Saaz pellets heated with just boiled water for a couple of mins prior to pitching into fermenter dont mix/stir in.
Let stand in the fridge for a further 14 days ( as in Lagering) and then bottle.
I bottle with the beer still cold within half an hour after taking the fermenter out of the fridge.
I find this helps greatly to reduce the cloudiness of the finished beer and keeps the frothing down during bottling. Prime as per normal with castor sugar

Note: it takes longer to bottle condition as in to get enough gas into the beer because the beer is cold when bottled.

Ready for drinking by week 3 or4 - better at 2 and excellent balance and flavour at 3 months old.
This Beer has good flavour, a nice tang from the SAAZ hops and is very well rounded. Very good for summer drinking.

Enjoy....Usual 2 conditions apply in using my recipees -
1/ you provide feedback
2/ when i am down your way i get to try some of your beers. :chug:


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Which comp did it get the 3rd in?

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