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hi guys
this is an excellent site for homebrewers and as i am making my first i have read a lot here before trying my own,i have started with a coopers draught kit beer and have used a adda pack with corn syrup malt and dextrose instead of the sugar
i fermented it for 8 days and then bottled it using sugar to prime bottles.i have tried one last nite after 8 days in the bottle put it in the freezer for 2 hours then put it back in fridge for a couple hours.it tasted really quite good for being in the bottle only that lenght of time.it was a bit hazy and the head only lasted for a bout 3 mins before settling to only a film on the top of the glass.will this clear up a lot still and will the head develop more,does the hazy beer give it a different taste.
the bottles are in my shed and are at about 25 deg daytime temp and down to about 16 over nite,how long do i leave them in the shed and do i have to put them in the fridge to stop the yeast working to clear the bottles up more,.i know this sounds boring to most of you but when you first start it is all a bit daunting if you are doing it right
thanks for any replys

G'day Fergi,
Welcome to the site! Congrats on your first brew - sounds like a good one!
The head will develop further over the next 2 - 3 weeks if you can leave them alone for that long!! The priming sugar (I'd use dextrose next time) will take a while to condition - to be honest, I leave the bottles out of the fridge and only put those in the fridge that you want to drink - my bottles settle out quite nicely at room temp, but it just takes longer for the yeast to sediment out and settle, compared to cold conditioning.

Best way to perfect your bottling technique is to brew more beer and experiment!
Cheers and good luck with your brewing,

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