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EDIT: Sorry that should be 15 kg of LME in the title, not litre!! Measuring liquid in kg's always gets me.

Great value to be had at Grain & Grape (Melb) at the moment, even for extract brewers like me. Picked up a 15kg Briess Golden Light LME and 15kg Wheat LME for only $68 after their 20% discount (sale ends tomorrow, Sat Dec 8). Yes that's $4.50 a kilo for LME! I normally spend $13 for a 1.5kg tin of Coopers LME so this is basically half price. Not to mention the fact I have a couple of 15 litre containers to use for small batch fermenting or cubing down the track...should be good for the missus' cider.

Also picked up a bunch of specialty grain, yeast and hops, all 20% off....i'm brewing a Dunkelweizen and American Amber Ale in the next couple of weeks.

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