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  1. Jeremy Bullock


    MyBrewbot Next Generation KickStarter campaign. Send your Tilt data to the internet and see it on your mobile phone with a Tilt Sender unit only 51 AUD KickStarter
  2. P

    Temperature Controller

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with these temperature controllers? Just looking for something all in one (no wiring) and as cheap as possible.. Cheers
  3. P

    Aussie Summer temps in Qld ......

    Well it's happened again, by poor planning I have polished off 3 x 19 ltr kegs, brewed in spring with ambient temp presenting no problems. I am a kit brewer, just combine extracts, select special hops & fit 3 kegs in my fridge. Now the ambient day temp is 27+ I will not get ideal fermentation...