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  1. L

    Stainless steel fittings; where to buy in Australia??

    Hi, I'm in the development stage of building my own HERMS-system. I've already made up my bench from steel and I've already got my four 105-liters kettles. I want to make up a central pipe system with solenoid valves to transfer the fluids in between the kettles. I will be using two pumps. The...
  2. homebrewnewb

    WTB 3/4" - 19mm stainless fittings

    Hi fellas. I am having trouble sourcing stainless fittings for my boil kettle. It's for the pickup port to be specific. I am looking at they seem to have most of what i am after. and am not able to see 3/4" bits on any from the sponsor sites. I know there are a...