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  1. Coalface

    Saison fermentation question

    Good afternoon all, New to AG brewing, currently in the process of fermenting my 3rd batch from the Guten40L. I brewed the following recipe up on thursday night then pitched on the friday morning (22/11/19) with WLP568, first few days were at around 23 C and I set the thermostat for 26 C this...
  2. B

    Stuck Saison

    Hi all, I'm currently brewing a amber saison, the recipe is as follows. Mind, this is just a basic recipe with not much Amber liquid extract 1.7kg Pale liquid extract 1.7kg Cane sugar 1kg dextrose 1kg 500g wheat extrct Crystal malt 300g brown sugar 200g 50 g cascade hops (boiled) 25 g of...
  3. Hez

    BIAB Saison

    Hi! After a lot of reading and studying I made up this recipe for a Belgian-saison-style beer and I have a million questions, as usual. Light colour, dry and a little hoppy. Mostly pilsner with a little bit of caramunich for colour and flavour. East Kent hops ("floral, lavender, spice, honey...
  4. indica86

    WLP566 Belgian Saison II Yeast

    I bought a beer. I drank it. My taste buds went wild. I emailed the brewery to compliment then and ask what the yeast was. It is used in a new world style Saison/ IPA hybrid thing. Beer blew my face off. Anyone have any experience, dos/ do nots with this yeast?