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    Home Brew Recipe - Bohemian Rhapsody Pilsner

    I see the silhouette of a beer, and it shines golden and pure and all Bohemian Pilsners should! This well-crafted pilsner will be the envy of all brewers with pleasing operatic nuances of noble hops supported by European malt of the highest quality. 'Sazzed' up and looking for a good time...
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    Monster Imperial IPA

    In every keen brewer lies a beast. Between its rumbling throat snarls, it bares its glistening teeth, gnawing and yearning to escape. This recipe is that monster you've been waiting to brew! Appropriately named due to a wickedly drinkable ABV% and a scary amount of hops additions, The Monster is...
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    Wort spillage through open tap

    Hi all, I've recently made by second batch of home brew using a basic starter kit. Following a recipe kit I started the wort on the stovetop by boiling a Brewblend, Wheat Malt Powder and 2.5L of water. After steeping the hops for 20 minutes, I emptied this into the fermenter and annoyingly...