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  1. R

    Submersible Pump - Line cleaning

    I'm thinking of putting a (cheap) aquarium style submersible pump into my setup for line cleaning, etc... General idea is to have a bucket of solution that I drop the pump into, hook it up to the lines and recirculate solution through lines, guns, bottle filling, etc... for 10-20 minutes...
  2. B

    WTB: Your spare pump (Bris)

    Howdy, Anyone have a spare little brown pump or Keg King/equivalent they don't use and willing to sell for cheep? I'm in Brissy :) Cheers!
  3. K

    Massive brewery sale - SS Brewtech, PID, HERMS, Mash tun, kegs etc

    Hi everyone, I am selling off all my brew gear. Struggling for time mixed with other priorities. I have photos of everything taken today, just ask if you need more details. Everything is sold as-is. I can post, but buyer covers all postage costs and I can only post on weekends. Express post...