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  1. banksy20

    Hello All

    Hi to the community. My name is Tony from Grafton NSW. I'm a scientist (organic chemist by trade) involved in a second generation ethanol project and spent waaaaaay too much time experimenting with all grain brewing many moons ago, even to the extent of malting my own barley (too much time...
  2. 3DDD

    HERMS Newbie

    Hi Everyone, Picked up a HERMS kit a week ago and have spent a good few hours spinning around the forums. Heaps of info out there so big thanks for the collective knowledge. Spent a fair bit of time distilling on a super reflux still back in my uni days and experimented with a few extract...
  3. B

    New member

    Hi everyone and thanks for welcoming me to your site. I'm a new brewer who has made a few beer brews from shop bought tins but have just purchased a t500 and am really wanting to get into brewing with grains and hops to make a really good pale ale so any help would be appreciated. I'm also going...