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mangrove jacks

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  1. M

    Mangrove Jacks as the 2nd brew

    Over the weekend I put down my 2nd batch. The first was the small batch 5lt (only got just over 3lts) kit from smallbatchbrew. Good first run for BIAB. Currently 1 week in the bottle so a few more to go... This run was from a mates leftovers. Used the MJ SS fermentor and the kits that came with...
  2. M

    Mangrove Jack's Apple cider fail! What do i do?

    Hi! Someone who has experience with Mangrove Jack's cider kit? If you have, I was unfortunate to put in the cider essence BEFORE fermentation, I later red over the instructions later where it was said to be put up after fermentation. Does this have any major outcomes? If so, what can I do to...
  3. J

    Hello - John from tasmania

    Hey everyone, I'm only new to this as I got a mangrove jacks apple cider kit for Christmas. I'm 18yo and I think home brewing it going to be my new hobby I'm keen on trying pale ale next and eventually working my way up and up until I learn how to make spirits e.g. gins or rum maybe
  4. B

    Stuck Saison

    Hi all, I'm currently brewing a amber saison, the recipe is as follows. Mind, this is just a basic recipe with not much Amber liquid extract 1.7kg Pale liquid extract 1.7kg Cane sugar 1kg dextrose 1kg 500g wheat extrct Crystal malt 300g brown sugar 200g 50 g cascade hops (boiled) 25 g of...
  5. B

    Noob questions

    Okay just took 2nd gravity reading from my mangrove jacks kit dutch with brew enhancer 2, 2 days straight 1.012 with kit yeast, Planning on racking 2 second fermenter and dropping with hallertau hops just the 12 gram bags. Probably add finings Sunday and Bottle early next Saturday? Don't have...