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  1. Stu Brew

    Silver Springs Hop Rhizomes avaliability 2019

    Hey everyone. Pretty much have all the varieties are up for sale now. All come from a commercial hops farm in SA. We supply direct to the public and direct to breweries. Shipping Australia wide. Packaged in coir and cardboard to store in the fridge and survive Australia Post. All guaranteed...
  2. Belgrave Brewer

    Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and Victoria Rhizomes for sale.

    Centennial rhizomes are now available for $20 each. It has taken us 2 growing seasons to build up a small amount of stock. Cascade, Chinook, and Victoria rhizomes also available at $15 each. All root stock is from a highly productive chemical free hop farm. Shipping on Mondays express mail...
  3. J

    Wanted Hop rhizomes in Perth

    Wondering if anyone has some Hop rhizomes available in the Perth area or can send here. Tried ordering some Cascade from Diggers club but they were nothing but a tiny dead twig with some small roots by the time they got through quarantine. Not fussy on what type.