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high og

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  1. sneakyseagull

    High OG

    Hi everyone, I seem to be getting higher OG than predicted, they're not excessive and the alcohol taste isnt over bearing but its pushing most of my beers up into the 5.5-6.5% ABV. I'm using a Robobrew and the brewersfriend app says id be running @ 85+% which i don't think is right. My...
  2. homebrewnewb

    OG over shot by few point?

    I am understandably a little confused here. I was brewing on Sat, and admittedly i fell over a few times, i am pretty sure i did not hit my head. wood plus water plus slope incline = slippery. I even had my good boots on i swear. Anyway, i was cubing up and i took a reading to add to the notes...