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  1. N

    [Gold Coast] For Sale: 4v electric HERMS and everything else!

    Hi Guys, First, reason for sale: I'm selling everything in my house with the view to be on the road travelling Australia by July 2021. This was meant to be a setup for life, but life changes :) Attached is a list of what's for sale, there might be other little bits and pieces but you'll have...
  2. 3DDD

    HERMS Newbie

    Hi Everyone, Picked up a HERMS kit a week ago and have spent a good few hours spinning around the forums. Heaps of info out there so big thanks for the collective knowledge. Spent a fair bit of time distilling on a super reflux still back in my uni days and experimented with a few extract...
  3. D

    4v All electric HEMRs BCS462 system for sale

    Due to a recent house move I no longer have room or enough power for my brew table, so here it is for sale. This system has performed well for many years, it easily cranks out double batches (46L into fermenter) and will stretch to triple batches without modification. I have been brewing back...
  4. yeungnut

    Herms Brewery for Sale

    I am sadly selling my HERMs brewery, which produces crystal clear wort, as I have down sized to producing smaller batches. Selling as a complete system only. Included in the sale: · Custom built 2 tier brew stand with natural gas Mongolian burner with regulator (never run out of gas during...
  5. G

    HERMs Question

    Hi All, I am sure that this question has been answered but i could truly find a response. I am looking at buying a 3 vessel HERMs system which includes: 1 x 50L HLT with 7.8 metre SS coil 1 x 70L MLT 1 x 70L Kettle I am really concerned about heating times for the HLT and MLT strike water. The...
  6. D

    Selling everything

    Sadly I need to sell all of my brewing equipment as I'll be moving to an apartment in the city. I've listed my keezer on gumtree, link below. www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/albion/other-furniture/keezer-bar/1199221464 3v electric herms 50L rig. Details and pictures to come. All of my other brewing...
  7. L

    Stainless steel fittings; where to buy in Australia??

    Hi, I'm in the development stage of building my own HERMS-system. I've already made up my bench from steel and I've already got my four 105-liters kettles. I want to make up a central pipe system with solenoid valves to transfer the fluids in between the kettles. I will be using two pumps. The...
  8. #brewlife

    HERMS Coil or CFC as HEX

    Hi guys, Im part way through my build and before i drill the holes in my kegs to install the herms coil i just wanted to ask a few questions and get some advice. There are a couple of threads with similar information but its hard drilling it down so hopefully someone has some direct advice...
  9. benno1973

    FS: Perth - HLT, MT, Kettle and lots of brewing gear

    Having downgraded my brewing recently, I need to clear some space in the shed for other projects so am selling off a bunch of gear that I've collected over time. Plenty of stuff, everything you'd need to cobble together a 3V system, BIAB rig or a HERMS system. If you're interested in anything...
  10. K

    Massive brewery sale - SS Brewtech, PID, HERMS, Mash tun, kegs etc

    Hi everyone, I am selling off all my brew gear. Struggling for time mixed with other priorities. I have photos of everything taken today, just ask if you need more details. Everything is sold as-is. I can post, but buyer covers all postage costs and I can only post on weekends. Express post...
  11. C

    Another DIY Raspberry Pi Automated Brewery

    I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the DIY thread, but I just wanted to post some pics of my recent work in this area. I'll throw a pretty big shout out first to those who have come before me - BrewPi, BrewPiLess, CraftBeerPi and everyone who has put their projects up here for blazing...
  12. P

    Full HERMS system - relisted for $1600

    Relisted minus fridge and stainless bench. $1600ono This is a bargain! Full HERMS homebrew/pilot system This a great system for a brewer looking to brew full grain beer and brew it well. There is over $3500 in equipment here, and this is great value for someone who knows what they are getting...
  13. P

    Full HERMS pilot system for sale

    Full HERMS homebrew pilot system. $3000 ONO HERMS recirc system with a stainless head pump (Chugger brand). Mash tun, insulated hot liquid vessel with fill indicator, temp controller and SS float cutoff, 381 litre fridge with temp controller and heat belt, all on a stainless steel workbench...