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  1. S

    WTB- C02 Bottle- MidNorth Coast NSW- Coffs

    Hi All, After many years of bottling, I have finally picked up some keg gear. I have a corny keg, lines, taps and keg so far, and need to sort out a gas bottle. New bottles seem pretty pricey so worth a check here. Anyone looking to sell a secondhand 2.6 or 6kg bottle within an hour or so of...
  2. B

    Where to get beer gas on the Gold Coast?

    Anyone know where I can get nitrogen / CO2 mix for pouring Guiness Stout in the GC / Brisbane area? In the small bottles that fit in a keezer?
  3. Laurence

    “T” in Gas line

    Hi all, This is my first post. I did a quick search but couldn’t find what I was looking for so I’m starting a new thread. Question: If I am running gas line to two kegs, does the length have to be the same? For example, if there is a short length of line from the CO2 regulator, followed by a...
  4. mkstalen

    Non return valves

    I've recently noticed a little beer in my gas lines, which got me thinking about non-return valves. But forking out $25-30 each for the ones on Craftbrewer don't really appeal to me as I'll need 3, and considering I just bought a Robobrew I don't really want to drop $90 on valves. I did find...
  5. A

    Keg Gear For Sale (HAMILTON QLD)

    I'm selling my keg gear that hasn't been used in years. 1 x 19L Corny keg (Will most likely need new seals) 1 x 6.8kg Mykegonlegs CO2 gas bottle (semi-full) 1 x Tesuco CO2 regulator (pretty sure it's the entry-level one) 1 x Temperature control unit. 1 x bronco tap The bronco tap is super...
  6. moonhead

    Gas check valves with MFL fittings

    Has anyone ever seen gas check valves, with 1/4" NPT to 1/4" MFL fittings on them, sold in Aus? I can see quite a few available in the land of the obese and free, but nothing locally (or even via China in fleaBay/aliexpress). For reference, here's what I'm looking for -...