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  1. hidara

    Equipment For Sale Fairfield, vic - Free fridge, no freezer unit and Perspex base

    Giving away my old beer fridge, perfect for fermentation, beer fridge or as I used it a diy kegerator. Perspex bottom shelf that has supported 5 corni kegs pickup Fairfield, Vic
  2. T

    Esky/cooler, kegs, urn trade for beer NEWCASTLE

    As per pictures The 50L kegs have holes so aren't really good for holding any liquid in them unfortunately but could make a good fire pit/bbq/smoker etc. Cooler is in good condition comes with some good SS fittings (1/2" bspp). The urn is an old tea urn, I have never used but looks to have...
  3. marksy

    Clearing out bottles

    Hey members, I've got a ton of bottles I'm getting rid of. Long necks, stubbies and in between. A mix of crowns and twist tops. ### FREE TO GOOD HOME ### I have a few more boxes and milk creates under the house full of more long necks too!!! Pick up in Berowra (North side of Sydney)...
  4. P

    FREE! Long Neck Bottles in Milk Crates- Sydney

    Hi There, I was given approximately 100-150 old school C.U.B. Long neck bottles in 10 milk crates. Bottles were cleaned with a cap put on them over 10 years ago. Need the space. Free to good home. Pick up near Hornsby.
  5. Rudweiser

    Giveaway / moving overseas (Richmond, VIC)

    I'm moving overseas and need to get rid of some of my brewing gear! These items are free to a good home (photos below): 57x 650ml brown PET Coopers bottles with 48 caps (some unused) 1x newer style Coopers 25L fermenter, complete with snap on tap, stick on thermometer, lid and kreusen collar...
  6. K

    Keg King Kegerator (Not Working) - Free - Sydney

    We have a Keg King Kegerator in the garage at work that doesn't work anymore. When it was put into the garage it chilled down a bit (but not all the way) but now when you plug the power in there is just a continuous beep sound and "EE" displayed on the control panel. I don't have the time to...
  7. J

    For free - working Electrolux WTM3900SB-R (Castle Cove, NSW)

    As per title, a working Electrolux WTM3900-SB-R. Specs: Height: 1720mm Width: 703mm Depth: 647mm Capacity: Refrigerator: 302L Freezer: 91L Been used as a brewing fridge for the last year. Works solidly, no shelves but comes with bottom drawer as per photos. . Please PM for address...
  8. squirt in the turns

    FREE: Glycol cooled fermentation chamber

    Free: cold fermentation chamber. Pump glycol from a reservoir in a freezer through the heat exchanger, to cool the contents of the chamber. Holds 2 x 30L fermenters. It's probably getting dumped if there are no takers. Also offered on GoldCLUB Facebook page. You get: 1) A box I built out of...
  9. D

    Free Fridge suitable for fermenting (Hisense HR6AF351B)

    Hi Guys, I have a used Hisense 350L fridge suitable for fermenting ales and lagers. It doesn’t get much below about 5C so not suitable for my purposes, it’s possible that it just need re gassing but I can’t be sure. In any case, if you just want a fridge for fermenting and not cold crashing...
  10. peteru

    [SYD] FREE high pressure bottles

    I, together with a few other brewers/beer enthusiasts, had the pleasure of visiting Wildflower Brewing and Blending recently. I really enjoyed the experience because it is so different from almost every other brewery in the world and Topher Boehm was an excellent host. One of the things that...