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  1. S

    Help with first time brewing, not carbonated.

    This is my first time brewing, I made Morgan's Ginger Beer and followed the non-alcoholic recipe. This involved adding the mix, sugar, yeast, nutrient and stirring and waiting. I then bottled it and the recipe said specifically said not to add sugar to the bottles, which I assumed meant the...
  2. DoctorNick

    First All Grain Experiment

    Your thoughts: Brown sugar in a RIS? Discuss.
  3. N

    First Brew - APA Fresh Work Kit using Safale US-05 yeast

    Hi all, First brew is in my new shiny Mangrove Jacks Craft Stainless Steel kit put down Sunday night. Decided to brew a FWK as the first brew and then will come back to the included kit brew next. Have a temp control on the brew fridge (this will need to be changed in the future as a...