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  1. D

    High temp yeast for extract

    Hey everyone, I’m new to brewing, have done a couple of extract batches. As I live in QLD the current average temp is 30c+ and wondering if there are any good yeasts I can swap out from the kits that will work better with the higher temperatures here. Unfortunately I don’t currently have an...
  2. BennyBrew

    Advice on Mega Jet cooker and 50L stainless pot

    Looking to upgrade my setup from a 15L pot which I previously cooked on a stove top (electric) to a larger pot and stand alone gas burner. I am looking to brew 23L extract batches (eventually will look to get into BIAB/AG) and have been looking at the following: Mega Jet Gas Burner -...
  3. BennyBrew

    First extract brew recipe (American Pale Ale) - Advice for improvements?

    So I recently cracked open my first bottle of an American Pale Ale I brewed using a basic recipe I got from the 'Brew A Batch' home brew book. Details below: Base Malt: 1.5kg Coopers 'Light' LME 1.5kg Briess CBW Munich LME Hops: 45g Cascade (6.5% AA) 60 min. boil Yeast: Nottingham Ale Bulk...
  4. Garfield

    Fresh Wort Cubes for sale (FWK) Shoalhaven

    Hello. Thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas to the EOI I posted earlier this year. I've taken first steps to getting this little project off the ground. For those who didn't read the other thread, here is the overview: as I don't drink much currently but enjoy the process of all grain...
  5. S

    Adding red or black rice to extract brews

    I've been brewing with extracts (mostly Coopers) for years. I've just recently been to Japan and I really enjoyed some of their beers which have black and / or red rice added to them (e.g. Konishi Garnet Rouge, Hitachino Red Rice Ale). I wonder if anyone has added rice to their extract brews...
  6. B

    Noob questions

    Okay just took 2nd gravity reading from my mangrove jacks kit dutch with brew enhancer 2, 2 days straight 1.012 with kit yeast, Planning on racking 2 second fermenter and dropping with hallertau hops just the 12 gram bags. Probably add finings Sunday and Bottle early next Saturday? Don't have...
  7. B

    Coopers Canadian Blonde suggested improvements

    Hey Crew. Hope your well. Currently have my mangrove jacks lager in day 3 of fermentation and the airlocks showing its going healthily. What suggestions for my second beer kit? IE steeping grains, different yeast, steeping hops - brews been sitting comfortably at 18 degrees got a couple of...
  8. Lachlan Helbig

    PoR hop tea question

    Hey fellas, Planning in brewing a lager with a Morgans Blue Mountian Lager kit and a can of morgans extra pale master malt. As well as this, I'm steeping about 300g of Carapils and using Morgans premium lager yeast. Now I've seen that people often use hop teas with this kit, and I'd like to...