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  1. James Pipe

    Heat pump water heater rebates for Victorians

    Hello Homebrewers! I had been told a heat pump hot water system is the way to go as the Victorian government is offering rebates, and it will reduce water heating cost by over 60 percent, and it is a climate-friendly alternative. Does anyone know how good such water systems are?
  2. Propper Yeast

    Start up research help: Lock down idea - A pre-made yeast starter that saves the environment

    Hi all, great to be here. Im hoping you can help us out a bit. My buddy is a pro-brewer and we are looking for feedback on a lockdown idea we had. Sterile Yeast Starter /Rehydrator that's also Carbon Neutral and offsets all the co2 your homebrew will produce. Is there a market for this? Would...