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  1. Garfield

    Fresh Wort Cubes for sale (FWK) Shoalhaven

    Hello. Thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas to the EOI I posted earlier this year. I've taken first steps to getting this little project off the ground. For those who didn't read the other thread, here is the overview: as I don't drink much currently but enjoy the process of all grain...
  2. t2000kw

    Cube question -- what to call it when searching for one to buy?

    I live in the US and though I've seen these before online, I don't remember what a cube is called (what term to search for) on places like, ebay, etc. I'd like to try this method of cooling sometime (AU homebrewers have come up with some interesting and useful brewing techniques)...
  3. SergeMarx

    The short happy tale of BIAC, or Brewing In A Cube

    A while back I posted about my plan to combine the joys of no chilling with the convenience of DME and the science of hop utilization. Here is the final report on attempt #1. The plan: To dump ingredients plus boiling water into a cube, seal, cool, ferment and call it beer. Ingredients (I...