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  1. shacked

    2018 Gladfield Bulk Buy

    Party people, don't be Sadfield as the much anticipated Gladfield bulk buy is upon us! Quite a few new malts since last time. Base malts: minimum quantity of 12.5kg or 1/2 Specialty malts: minimum quantity of 6.25kg or 1/4 Link...
  2. shacked

    Bulk Buy #1 - 2018 Voyager

    Howdy folks, Next bulk buy is from the friendly folks at Voyager Craft malts. There is some interesting stuff on the list! Here is a link to the product guide: http://www.voyagercraftmalt.com.au/Flipbooks/mobile/index.html#p=1 I've brewed with the Veloria malt before and it's awesome...
  3. shacked

    2018 Bulk Buy - Grain

    Folks, Happy new year. Hope everyone had a nice summer break! Was chatting to Scotty today and wanted to line up the next BB for delivery pre-Easter. We will (subject to demand) be doing one this year from Gladfield and one from Voyager. The Voyager guys are near Griffith in NSW so the...