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  1. Brew Matt

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2022

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2022 | The Event | Get The Program | Entries Close | Drop Off Points Hi All, The 2022 Grafton Brewing Competition is soon approaching, with the beer judging taking place on Saturday 30th April 2022. The event has all the classes similar to previous events, with a...
  2. Garfield

    Software open discussion

    After a chat with @nathan2010 at the grain split, I'm tempted to upgrade my brewing IT. Over the years I've used fairly basic phone apps and Scotty's excel sheet for recipe design only. Everything else has been managed the old fashion way. Can I please welcome some discussion about everyone's...
  3. B

    ** FREE ** King Brown Bottles x 25 - Perth, Western Aussie

    25 x King Brown Bottles up for grabs. Located in Gosnells, Perth .. plastic tub NOT included.
  4. BURGO817

    6 Consistant & favourite recipes of brewers.

    Gday AHB, Just wanted to find out what the top 6 all time favourite beers you all like to make are? If you dont mind, post your methods here. Id like to try them out. Cheers.