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  1. J

    Max Bittering for a partial Boils

    Hi Guys, A bit of a newbie here... 8 brews and counting. I have a question about bittering hops when doing a partial boil. My basic brew method is as follows: 1. Steep specialty grains 30mins 67C in 5L water in grain sock. 2. Sparge by pouring 67C water over the grain through a strainer to...
  2. yankinoz

    A Few Experiments on Hop Stands

    Brewers on this and other boards describe hop stands with or without whirlpooling and lasting from a few minutes to well over an hour. Most toss the hops in at knockout and let room temperatures gradually cool the kettle. Others chill to 80 or 70 and then add the hops. It all seems to work, but...
  3. DeanMcMullen

    Chinook - Feedback and Observations

    As above, however I meant this as a bit of a back and forth discussion. Background: I recently brewed an APA, and I was aiming at 58 IBU's. As I No-Chill my brews, I corrected times for boiling at about 20 minute reductions. So although in my brew calculator I am saying 40 minutes, I actually...