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  1. altone

    Belgian pale help needed using WY3739

    As some of you may know I usually do APA's and English styles. So bugger all idea on Belgians and the recipes I do have are for Dubbels and Tripels. However I have this WY3739 spinning up on the stirplate and basically looking for a simple and not too high ABV recipe to chuck it in. So I...
  2. Hez

    BIAB Witbier / Blanche / Belgian Wheat Beer 2 (ph, salts, fermentation temp...)

    Hi, Last year I made my first Witbier (belgian style wheat beer), I was quite happy with the result and it was very successful, everyone who tasted loved it, but let's be honest, it wasn't a very good beer. It was too silky/oily, not acidic enough, not dry enough and a little bland (I was too...
  3. Hez

    BIAB Saison

    Hi! After a lot of reading and studying I made up this recipe for a Belgian-saison-style beer and I have a million questions, as usual. Light colour, dry and a little hoppy. Mostly pilsner with a little bit of caramunich for colour and flavour. East Kent hops ("floral, lavender, spice, honey...
  4. B

    Make 30L by BIAB in 35L pot - can it be done?

    My mate and I have been BIABing with his 35L pot and getting on quite well. I have a crap-load of fermenters and a temp-controlled cupboard that can hold 2 ferms at a time, so the 18L length constraint most software places on this 35L pot has been chapping my thighs a bit. There's a few hours...
  5. Hez

    BIAB Witbier / Blanche / Belgian wheat beer

    After having brew a hefe-weizen / weissbier I wanted to try to make a belgian style wheat beer, I love both. This will be our (I brew with my girlfriend) 5th beer ever. Like the last two ones, I've been studying a lot about this style of beer, I've read several articles and forums... I put...