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  1. M

    Mangrove Jack's Apple cider fail! What do i do?

    Hi! Someone who has experience with Mangrove Jack's cider kit? If you have, I was unfortunate to put in the cider essence BEFORE fermentation, I later red over the instructions later where it was said to be put up after fermentation. Does this have any major outcomes? If so, what can I do to...
  2. J

    Hello - John from tasmania

    Hey everyone, I'm only new to this as I got a mangrove jacks apple cider kit for Christmas. I'm 18yo and I think home brewing it going to be my new hobby I'm keen on trying pale ale next and eventually working my way up and up until I learn how to make spirits e.g. gins or rum maybe
  3. Ogy Simic

    Organic cider apples for sale

    Hi brewers! We have several spud bins of bargain organic cider apples, fujis, mutsus and one bin of golden delicious for sale near Daylesford in Victoria. Please give me a call on 0402 651 002 if interested to pick up. Cheers, Ogy