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  1. BennyBrew

    First extract brew recipe (American Pale Ale) - Advice for improvements?

    So I recently cracked open my first bottle of an American Pale Ale I brewed using a basic recipe I got from the 'Brew A Batch' home brew book. Details below: Base Malt: 1.5kg Coopers 'Light' LME 1.5kg Briess CBW Munich LME Hops: 45g Cascade (6.5% AA) 60 min. boil Yeast: Nottingham Ale Bulk...
  2. Hez


    I've tried making a very hoppy IPA three times with more or less the same result. All of them had been good drinkable beers, the second better than the first and the third better than the second, but all of them had the same problems: - too fruity (<- high fermentation temp) - very noticeable...