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    AHB App - gone.

    Due to concerns about security and privacy from the company that created the app we think it’s an absolute necessity to cease using it immediately.
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    Keg King Warehouse Warming Giveaway for Australian Brewers.

    Keg King is proud to serve the craft and home brewing community. To celebrate our new location we’re having a Warehouse Warming Giveaway for Australian Brewers. We have 2 Fermentasaurus Starter Kits and 3 Snub Nose Fermenters going out as separate give away draw prizes. Plus we have one Grand...
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    Belgrave Brewer

    Since it will take a lot of time to delete his threads and posts about the selling rhizomes. He has stopped selling them for the year and had some real life stuff come up.
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    Deals Forum Rules

    This forum is for ORGANIC posting of deals you have found specific to homebrew. This includes eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, industry and other deals. Do not post spam in here. Any user who abuses this forum by being a shill for a company and posting their deals over and over will be banned forever...
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    Daily Newsletter Fail - Unsubscribe

    We launched a new custom plugin by request of a 'daily digest'. The first time the Unsubscribe link flat out failed, the fix today was not successful, a new fix was put into place so tomorrow morning when it runs, it will work just fine. If you don't like it, please unsubscribe and you will...
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    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    Aussiehomebrewer is happy to announce an Inkbird giveaway to our community! Inkbird is putting up for grabs their top three best sellers! We will draw three winners and they can choose from any of the follow three! AU PLUG 240V ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller thermostat temp heater -...
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    Lots of talk of missing similes, if you post them here I can add them.
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    Bulk Buy Rules

    Bulk Buy Rules Exact price from retailer must be posted in thread and cost must be exact, no up charge for putting together bulk buys or expense fee of any sort. Pickup of ingredients from bulk buy must be local, unless all buyers are informed of freight costs and requirements at start of...
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    Sponsors Forum Rules

    In order to create threads in this forum or use this community for ANY commercial/vendor type use, you must be a registered Sponsor. If you are interested please click here: https://aussiehomebrewer.com/account/upgrades After 30 days of not being a Sponsor, all content in this forum will be...
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    Down time The Week of 6/22 ( or 22 June in Aus )

    Hey guys, I wanted to let you all know we are going to be moving to AWS next week and that will mean downtime. I'm unsure of the schedule right this minute but will let you guys know as I know.
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    Aussie HomeBrewer Classifieds Donation

    I hope you enjoy your time here in the classifieds section of Aussie Home Brewer. I have started a donation program for those who have enjoyed their time and choose to donate. There are no issues with not donating, and your account will not be altered. All donations go directly to supporting the...