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  1. beer gut

    At last, a hobby that saves money!

  2. beer gut

    Counter pressure can filler

    I signed up to get email notification for when they arrive back in stock many, many months ago. I can’t believe your mate hasn’t replied to any of my recent questions in this thread 😉 Dont think I’ll be ordering one of these in a hurry directly from Tapcooler as postage is a nightmare at the...
  3. beer gut

    Counter pressure can filler

    Cheers for the tip Mark. :cheers:
  4. beer gut

    Counter pressure can filler

    @CEO Keg King I will take it that you don’t have any updates on this. It’s a shame that I can’t buy directly from Tapcooler
  5. beer gut

    Counter pressure can filler

    @CEO Keg King
  6. beer gut

    Counter pressure can filler

    @CEO Keg King Any updates on getting these can fillers in stock ? Cheers
  7. beer gut

    AHB App - Gone

    I use my phone 99% of the time when visiting AHB and use my phone’s browser. I tried the app once and found the web based platform through the browser easier to use.
  8. beer gut

    Kegerator X vs 4 vs other models

    I have a series 4 sitting in my lounge room, it was noisy (gurgling) for a month or so, now I can hardly notice any sound at all. Obviously can’t comment on the series X
  9. beer gut

    Beginner in Perth looking for advice for equipment, supplies and BIAB

    G’day @Darren Waszkinel Glad to hear that your trip to Brewmart was worth it. I usually only get out there if I need something my local shop (TWOC in Bibra Lake) doesn’t have it or Brewmart has a good special going. Their service and knowledge is great. Check out some Gash Slugg videos on...
  10. beer gut

    Newbie from Perth

    Hey Darren Have a read over this if you haven’t already https://www.biabrewer.info/viewtopic.php?t=153 Seeing as you have purchased Beersmith already you should be able to find a beer recipe that you like and scale it to size. All grain is not hard to get into, I did my first homebrew...
  11. beer gut

    Beginner in Perth looking for advice for equipment, supplies and BIAB

    Hey Darren Big W sells 19 litre SS stockpots that are good for about a 10l batch. I did my first biab brew about a year ago, after my second batch (first successful brew) I bought a Robobrew (now rebranded as Brewzilla). Head out to Brewmart in Bayswater they have all the gear and helpful...
  12. beer gut

    Counter pressure can filler

    I’m keen for one also when they arrive. Cheers :cheers:
  13. beer gut

    Counter pressure can filler

    Maybe @KegLand-com-au could get some in, seeing it would compliment the Cannular that we bought from them ;)
  14. beer gut

    Counter pressure can filler

    FFS Why tell us they’re getting them (KK) and dangle the carrot with estimating stock arrival, only to bail on the product and not let us know. I have been waiting for months and not likely to get one now.:mad:
  15. beer gut

    What temp do u sparge at?

    I mash out at around 75° for 10 mins and sparge at around 75°
  16. beer gut

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I was using he flow control disconnects and had problems with slow pours (using kegland kegs) with 1.5m of 4mm evabarrier that came with my series 4 KL kegerator , I changed to 5mm evabarrier at about 90cm’s long with not much better results. I’ve gone back to the plastic disconnects with 1.5m...
  17. beer gut

    Keg King Warehouse Warming Giveaway for Australian Brewers.

    Count me in too please. :bigcheers:
  18. beer gut

    Let's see your fermentation chambers!

    My fridge door just closes over the inkbird probe wire and my heating belt cable. The size of the gap is small and I don’t think it’s having a big impact on the overall temperature and efficiency.