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  1. djsmi4

    Bottle washing idea

    Hello all, Long time between forum visits. I'm after some opinions please from others who use bottles. I'm sticking with bottling as I enjoy the process. I'm in the process of setting up a new brew station after a hiatus of a few years, and have come up with an idea for improved bottle...
  2. djsmi4

    Soda Stream sugarfree Pink Grapefruit experiment

    Hi all, I picked up a couple of Soda Stream bottles for $2 each (Best Before last week), & had a spare kilo of dex & figured "let's see what this turns in to". I'll try it out with some SN9 yeast (1 to use, 1 spare). I'm aiming for a hobo sweet alcopop result, because why not. The sweeteners...
  3. djsmi4

    Toucan Kona Stout + ginger beer

    The title's a little misleading, I've actually made two brews this morning. I'll start with the Kona Stout: KONA STOUT I've called this toucan a "Kona Stout" as I had a coconut/coffee style beer in Hawaii a few years ago, at a bar on the Kona coast. I thought it was awesome at the time, 3...
  4. djsmi4

    Cider from Fuji apples

    So the in-laws have a buttload of apples growing on their trees at the moment, and I was between brews at home. You can see where this is heading... I picked up two eskies' worth of Fujis and their juicer last night, & took advantage of a day off today to make a batch of cider. Here were the...
  5. djsmi4

    Hello from Gippsland, Vic

    Hi all, I used to do home brewing in my parents' cellar about 15 years ago. Just kit & kilo stuff & always fudging it with temperature control & fermentation time/alcohol %. Through good luck I never had a bad brew, although I was always 100% on the hygiene of the equipment & bottles! I brewed...