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  1. ohitsbrad

    For sale: 230L Fisher & Paykel Fridge/Freezer old $50 PERTH

    Hi guys I'm moving so looking to give up an old fridge I have which I was using for beer storage. I've also used it for fermentation with a temperature controller in the past and also for storing kegs. Fits two corny kegs. It's a Fisher & Paykel and about 230 litres. The freezer only runs at -10...
  2. ohitsbrad

    Northbridge Brewing Company

    Just read this from "Northbridge Piazza site to house micro brewery As exclusively revealed by PerthNow last night, the development will include a boutique style micro-brewery modeled on the highly successful Little Creatures food and own brew outfit in Fremantle..." Anyone know...
  3. ohitsbrad

    Russian Imperial Stout

    The Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout and Left Hand Imperial Stout I drank recently were unreal. Now I have to try and brew one. Was just going to dive in with the grain bill from Brewing Classic Styles since I know no better. But I guess what I want to ask about is hops. Can I help clean out my...
  4. ohitsbrad

    Oh It's All Grain

    Monday my friend and I did our first all grain brew and I feel inclined to share the experience. Been putting together equipment over the last few months. Did a lot of research on AHB and many ideas for bits and pieces have come from everyone here. It was a big relief that it all worked. The...
  5. ohitsbrad

    Base Malt!

    I'm planning my first few all grain brews. But let's stay on topic. What are your preferences for base malt when it comes to American style ales? Let's say including American pale ale, amber ale, brown ale, IPA and IIPA. How do Australian malts rate against English and German malts? Do you pay...
  6. ohitsbrad

    Why Rehydrate And Pitch Dry Yeast Warm?

    Palmer suggests rehydrating dry yeast in a cup of water at 35 to 40 degrees, and pitching after half an hour. Lets say the yeast solution cools further to around 30 degrees in that half hour. Is there no issue with shocking or stunning the yeast when you pitch it to a cooler wort, say 20...
  7. ohitsbrad

    My Yeast Starter Hasn't

    A seen-it-before thread but an explanation would be appreciated. Yesterday morning I smacked a pack of Wyeast 3463 Forbidden Fruit. It didn't swell up completely even though I left it for about 8 hours before pouring it into a 1L starter. The first few of those hours it was at about 16deg and...
  8. ohitsbrad

    Riwaka (D Saaz)

    MOD: Description inserted by Lord Raja Goomba I, to keep the descriptions consistently in the first post of these threads. Original Post Below: Hooray for D Saaz, or Riwaka, being available from Craftbrewer. This from "The Riwaka is a real standout during selection especially...
  9. ohitsbrad

    Dryhopping With Chinook?

    I know it might not be a typical choice, but has anyone used Chinook for dryhopping? I made an American IPA and used Chinook at the start of the boil and also Cascade and Amarillo. Was planning on dryhopping with both the Cascade and Amarillo over two weeks, but maybe some of that piney...
  10. ohitsbrad

    Steeping Grains - How Much Water Will Be Absorbed?

    Say I plan to steep 750 grams of grain in a stocking or bag in 6 litres of water at about 70 deg for 30 mins. If I remove the grain bag, allow it to drain, but not squeeze out the liquid, can anyone give a rough estimate for how many litres of wort I might be left with? Also, is this grain to...
  11. ohitsbrad

    First Wort Hopping In Extract Plus Grain Brew

    I am thinking about doing a first wort hop for an extract and steeped grain American IPA. Palmer talks about adding the hops to the brew pot and running the wort over them for half an hour or so, effectively allowing the hops to steep in the wort prior to the boil. It would be easiest for me to...