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    6 Free fermenters - Sydney Northern beaches

    Hi guys, I have 6 fermenters I'm happy to give away. I'm sure I can find airlocks and taps for them all. I also have atleast a crate of grolsch bottles and 2 cubes I have only used once. Pick up is in Dee Why. Keen to clean this out pretty soon, so give me a yell. Cheers.
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    WTB: Cast Alluminium Cold Plate

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a cold plate that they don't use anymore that they would like to sell? I'm in Sydney, but driving down to Melbourne today so I could pickup anywhere along the way. If not, does anyone have any experience with the keg king ones? Cheers, 5150
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    Sydney to Goldie to Melbourne Brewery Crawl

    Hi Guys, Sorry, not sure if this is the right section to post this. Anyway, I've quit my job and going to go on brewery crawl and looking for suggestions of breweries to visit. I'll be driving up the coast and I thought it's be a good opportunity to visit a few regional breweries. I'll then...
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    WTB: Shurflo Beer ace II or Flojet G56 Pump

    Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone has either of these pumps lying around that would like to sell. I'm looking to use it to transfer from Fermenter to Kegs. Cheers.
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    160 Grolsch Bottles - Dee Why, Sydney

    I really don't bottle much anymore and they are taking up too much room. I'm happy to split them up and sell them at $10 for a crate of 16. They are the standard 450ml bottles. The seals are in great condition and the bottles are cleaned, with the majority of them star saned. Pick up is Dee...
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    Free: Hacker-Pschorr beer crates

    Hi Guys, I have 6 Hacker-Pschorr beer crates if anyone wants them. I've seen them being sold for $20, but I was given them, so happy to pass them on. I just need the room back in the brew cave. Pick up is Dee Why, Sydney. Cheers.
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    WTB: brewing books

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has any brewing books that they want to sell? I've got Palmer's how to brew, but that is it. Please let me know which books and how much you want for them. Thought I'd try before I hit the purchase button on evil Bay. Thanks.
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    Interbrew Kegs

    Hi all, A mate has offered me some kegs, I'm not sure how much he wants for them yet, but he has 31 of them, so a nice top up for my stock. :D The thing is that they are interbrew kegs and I don't know much about them and can't really find much info. I was wondering if anyone has them or...
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    What's the best addition to your brewery?

    G'day guys and girls, I vaguely remember seeing a post like this but I can't find it and it may have been in another forum. Anyway, I was thinking, what is the best addition you have made to your brewery? I'm about to be evicted from the garage that I rent as the owner is selling. I'm...
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    Transfer from fermenter with a pump

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to work out the best way for me to transfer out of my FVs while leaving them in place. I'm using 54 litre stainless pots as my FVs and lifting them out of the chest freezer isn't a great deal of fun. I also still have a spare 150L stainless pot I'd love to use for...
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    Height of false bottom

    Hi Guys, Currently my false bottom sits at 40mm high and the other day I was thinking that I could drop it to about 20mm off the bottom. I was trying to think if there would be any reason or advantages to doing this. I'm not pushed for space, so that is not an issue. I do get a few litres left...
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    Bottling on old starsan

    Hi All, I had a massive score and got over 300 grolsh bottles. When I got them I washed them and then rinsed them in starsan and closed them up. This was about 3 months ago. I was wondering if I need to sanitise them again or if I can fill how they are? Bottling triple batches takes a while...
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    My Belgian Blonde is going crazy

    Hi Guys, I know I should have left a little more head room in the vessels but I wasn't expecting this. The yeast is a wlp530 and I made a 3L starter. The OG of the Belgian ale was 1068. Ferm temp is 18C. After less than 24 hours yeast was foaming out the airlock after it had blown off the...
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    Rubber smell from a new air pump

    Hi Guys, Just got a new air pump for aeration of the wort, but the air coming out of the pump has a real rubber smell, obviously from the diaphragms. Is this going to effect the wort? Do I need to take the pump apart and try and wash the diaphragms? Cheers.
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    Fridge Power consumption

    Hi all, I'm a little nervous and need some words of wisdom, I got a free fridge and took it down to the garage that I rent for brewing, plugged it into a power meter so that I can reimburse the owner for usage. When I checked today it was saying the usage was 41 KwH. The fridge was running and...
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    Nomad Brewery opens today. Sydney, Brookvale

    Hi All, No affiliation at all to them, but there is a new brewery opening in Brookvale today. (Sydney Northern Beaches). They will have their tasting room open from noon till about 6pm. They only have three beers at the moment, but if anyone is heading down PM and possible meet up with a...
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    Another False Bottom Question

    Hey all, I’m sorry but it’s another false bottom question. I've been struggling to find any suitable perforated stainless mesh that won't cost and arm and a leg. I have a 150L mash tun and I have cut a full plate to cover the bottom, the plan was to makes cuts all through it and support it...
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    Sommy Timer wiring help needed

    Hi guys, I'm finished off building my controller box, (not a scratch on most peoples on here), but before I start guessing I was wondering of someone could tell me how to connect the NC, COM and NO to set off my alarm. (I understand the normally off and normally connected, Just not sure about...
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    Using Badly stored hops?

    Hi Guys, A quick run down on the situation is that I have a whole lot of old hops that I was storing in my brewing mates garage. They were all in the freezer, but he switched it off for a while, maybe 6 weeks plus. :angry2: Unfortunately due to circumstances I haven't been able to brew for...
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    Digital timer

    Hi Guys, just about to built my control center for my new rig and I was wondering if anyone has found a timer for their panel. I'm mainly going to be using STC's as my temp sensors in my tuns and a PID for my HERMS. I've searched and search ebay for a simple count down unit, but with no luck...