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  1. Nick the Knife

    Facebook - BNE Brewzilla + 75kg malt + RO unit + extras

    Ok this a a crazy good deal for someone - if you get it you'll owe me some karma! I'd be in a pinch but with the border rules no getting over for us Southerners. $300 with a BZ 3.1, 75kg of malts, RO unit and other bits I'm sure, crazy good price...
  2. Nick the Knife

    Inkbird Black Friday Sales !! Giveaway of bbq thermometer IBT-4XS

    Yes please for me - much thanks @inkbird for sponsoring here, much appreciated.
  3. Nick the Knife

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale Kit

    IMHO your assessment is correct, I'd guess most folks using the stock yeast wouldn't have access to proper temp control - but as others have said it's a pretty generic term and essentially just implies the taste wasn't great. The Coopers APA kits are regarded as a good baseline to 'pimp' with...
  4. Nick the Knife

    Hi brewers, happy to be here!

    Welcome @nothern.brewer , sounds like a great little setup you have - look forward to seeing your posts and recipes. cheers.
  5. Nick the Knife

    Another Newby Mead, cider and fruit wines

    Welcome Tony, Alas can't assist myself but I reckon if you your query in the non-beer section either via a new thread or an existing one that relates - you'll have an answer in two shakes of a lamb's tail - prolly find most folks perusing here won't know the answer offhand but you'll get expert...
  6. Nick the Knife

    Hey Guys - Relative Noob here

    Welcome, I was looking at buying that combo from KK as well - very good value indeed! Love to hear how you go with it as I'm transitioning across into non-kit brews now myself. Haha I'm also seriously considering the cube/no-chill technique too - thats if I can get my head around mastering...
  7. Nick the Knife

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Just as a postscript for folks, KL reached out to me on Ebay and explained that they'd reviewed their listing and msgs sent and that they could have done better - so waived the postal fee for me as a gesture of good faith. They also took the time to explain that due to the lockdown, extra large...
  8. Nick the Knife

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    With all due respect this was understood by me PRIOR to buying - but this Ebay item was less than your website IF the postage was inclusive as the listing was unclear (as evidence by you changing it as soon as I flagged for you) - and hence I SPECIFICALLY asked if this was the case and was...
  9. Nick the Knife

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Appreciate the quick reply and that you've amended for future buyers - unfortunately your item is now 20%+ more than identical competitors would be for me. So will have to cancel my order and either buy from them or place order direct with you. :-/
  10. Nick the Knife

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @KegLand-com-au , sorry but just a gripe. Wanted to purchase a 2 roller grain mill via your Ebay store. Atleast 2 other sellers had the exact same item essentially the same price with free postage - but I wanted to buy from you as an AHB sponsor and supporter. Odd thing was out of 173 listings...
  11. Nick the Knife

    Gumtree - Free 71 x Coopers 750ml glass bottles, Scarborough QLD

    Folks, Again I've no link to the lister - great bottles as they're thicker than most other glass longnecks that're still made - treat properly and they'll last you a lifetime.
  12. Nick the Knife

    Gumtree - Forest Lake, QLD - $100 for a LOT of gear

    Folks, I've no link to this - just found while searching for some BIAB gear for myself but alas I'm way too far from this. Seller is chasing $100 for a lot of gear - loads of photos - tad scruffy but amazing value at that price...
  13. Nick the Knife

    IBT-2X Giveaway of inkbird meat thermometer

    Yes, count me in please. Thank you @inkbird .
  14. Nick the Knife

    Keg King Conversation

    @clickeral , much thanks for a terrific and very thorough reply. Very much appreciated and I think you've tipped me over the line into grabbing one (once I figure out what else I need from KK). Really appreciate your extra thoughts on how to enhance the unit with a few add-ons - great ideas...
  15. Nick the Knife

    Keg King Conversation

    @Keg King , congrats on your ever expanding product range and exporting success - just wondering what feedback you've had from buyers on your 'Boiling Hot Boiler Deal'? I'm looking to transition into BIAB and this seems pretty mindblowing value as an entry level starter that can be adapted into...
  16. Nick the Knife

    Pressure Brewing Novice

    No looking to cut the OP's grass - but given I've been speaking with him on phone/email about trying to get him backing in brewing I might be able to clarify quickly: Corny's are a good idea - I had already flagged these to him as another option to PET pressure fermenters. Seems empty they...
  17. Nick the Knife

    Pressure Brewing Novice

    I'm friends with the OP, @gthomas - have been trying to lure him back into home brewing for several yrs without luck. Alas I know little about pressure brewing myself - but it seemed that the qualities it brings might be very helpful for him. He's strictly a Kit & kilo brewer, mainly lager...
  18. Nick the Knife

    Suggestion/Idea: 50L SS insulated pot $120 delivered

    Hi Folks, Stumbled across this 50L stainless steel pot as I searched for a vessel to assist me in transitioning from Extract to AG/BIAB - it's not suitable for my purposes (as it CANNOT be used to add heat to contents i.e put on stovetop etc) as it's a double walled, insulated pot...
  19. Nick the Knife

    ebay and gum tree finds

    FYI brewers in the Coffs Harbour region - spotted this brand new & unused Birko 30L for $160 neg. this morning:
  20. Nick the Knife

    How do you clean fermenters?

    What semantics...I didn't say it, I just posted a picture and link. :rolleyes: Again as you seem to be very selective of reading...I clearly stated mix bleach with water then mix in an equal measure of vinegar. And yet you've somehow skipped over this KEY bit of info (which was hardly a...