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  1. PistolPatch

    Sydney Thu 11/12 - Mini-Crawl starting 6pm Lord Nelson

    A few of us are catching up for a beer tomorrow night starting at the Lord Nelson (19 Kent Street, The Rocks). As to whether we actually do a mini-crawl, who knows? We might end up being too lazy :blink:. Let me know here if you want to join us and I'll send you my mobile number. We'll make...
  2. PistolPatch

    Perth Chill/no-chill Tasting July 7 Then Onto Freo

    About ten of us are catching up this Saturday at my place in East Freo to taste a chill/no-chill side by side, 'Hop Hog', AcesHigh and I brewed several weeks ago. The beer was also mashed at an extremely low liquor to grain ratio and then diluted before the boil (what is known as a pure...
  3. PistolPatch

    The Old Bitterness Calculation Problem

    I thought the following posted by the other 'Pat' on might interest a few of you. It's a brewing area that I have found the lack of logic and definition totally bewildering. If it weren't for guys like MHB and Gryphon, I'd still be thinking that there is something that I...
  4. PistolPatch

    Duty Of Care By Ahb Owners / Representatives.

    A lot of talk has gone on recently here about the quality of AHB and ways in which this can be improved. These suggestions do not address however the moral, let alone legal obligations of the site. As said elsewhere, AHB is a community. In the future though, I can see that forum owners and...
  5. PistolPatch

    Is A Mash Without Temp Pockets Actually Better?

    Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the mash is a bit of a 'god' in brewing. For this reason, some traditional brewers will feel compelled to employ pumps/heaters to recirculate their wort and BIABrewers will stir their wort occasionally and apply heat to avoid these temperature...
  6. PistolPatch

    Christmas Island Drownings.

    When I went, on my way to work, for my coffee this morning I saw the newspaper headlines about the drownings of the refugees on the Christmas Island shores. The pictures and headlines were compelling. I bought the newspaper, something I never do, and read it. Stuff like this is exciting and...
  7. PistolPatch

    Is Exceeding Mash-out Temperature A Problem?

    I have always been completely confused about decoction mashing. I have never done it and have very little knowledge of it but if I am right in my primitive understanding.... In decoction mashing, you remove a part of the mash (grain and all) and boil it. In normal mashing it is always frowned...
  8. PistolPatch

    What Is Your Batch Size Etc, Etc? Any Problems With This?

    Some brewers think that batch size is how much beer they get into their keg or bottles. Others think it is how much they have at the end of their boil. Where are you on the scale? When trying to convert a recipe to your system, how often do you find the lack of definition a problem -...
  9. PistolPatch

    Debate: How Convenient Is A Counter Pressure Bottle Filler?

    Had a few beers this arvo with a great fellow AHBer. He saw the last topic I started here on AHB and said, "Geez, you certainly cause some controversy!" Frankly, I thought the thread was common sense - i.e. no debate required. (So did he by the way.) A lot of very good posts were made to that...
  10. PistolPatch

    Time For A "welcome To Ahb" Forum.

    Five years ago, I remember several people putting a fair bit of thought and time into working out how to make AHB welcoming and informative to new brewers. A few FAQ threads were written (one active tonight) and this lead to the AHB Wikki (which is a topic that needs a whole other thread...
  11. PistolPatch

    What's The Longest You Have Had A Beer In The Keg?

    Wow! I have just found two beers in my keg fridge I didn't realise I had!!! I have been going through a thorough cleaning and sterilisation rotation of all my gear. This sometimes involves a cleaned/sterilised keg sitting inside my dispensing fridge/s.* I just went to fill two kegs with a new...
  12. PistolPatch

    2010 Perth Royal Beer Show Results

    AHB did very well again this year at the show. Shame there wasn't a thread to notify AHB'ers earlier that the comp was happening - I'll try and remember to do this next year as it is the only comp I know where they have an exhibitor's tasting :). AHB'ers I know of that did well are as...
  13. PistolPatch

    Perth Brew Day - 06/06/10

    Sorry about the late notice but only decided this today. If anyone is passing by Freo tomorrow, LloydieP and myself will be brewing three double-batches tomorrow. It should be quite chaotic :). Just post here or send a PM and I'll send you the address etc. If you do come, for the first time...
  14. PistolPatch

    Whirlpooling - How And When?

    I've been confused on whirlpooling since I started AGing which has been quite a while now so was pleased tonight to see that I am not the only one bewildered by it. On the forum, redlegger asked, My reply was... Whirlpooling is a familiar term amongst experienced all-grainers...
  15. PistolPatch

    Defining And Categorising Chilling Methods

    [I just spent about five minutes trying to find the original No-Chill thread and couldn't find it on the search engines :blink:] I am in the process of writing another one of my guides ;) and thought I might just have a ramble here on how difficult it is to write a complete all-grain guide...
  16. PistolPatch

    2009 Chinese Hop Quality - A Satisfaction Poll

    On Sept 25th, 2009, townsville instigated a bulk buy of hops from China in this thread. At the time of writing, the bulk buy has been completed and distributed. One beer has already been brewed! Bulk buys take a lot of effort. They originate from someone, usually with too much enthusiasm for...
  17. PistolPatch

    Best Kit Beers I Have Had, Had No Temp Control.

    Not many people would start a topic with the above title but it is absolutely true for me and is something that has totally bewildered me. The best kit beers I have tasted (and some of them are in the top ten of home-brewed beers I have tasted) have all been fermented way too high. I can even...
  18. PistolPatch

    I'm Anti Anti-moslems

    I'm a bit sick of getting anti-Moslem emails etc. Bit the same with boat people. My family arrived in Australia on both sides about 1830 - some a bit before. The most complaints I hear about immigrants are from people who have been here 50 years or less. What's the go there? Do I know any...
  19. PistolPatch

    Search Members Topics/posts Doesn't Work.

    Dane, about 95% of the time I search for a member's latest topics or posts, I get the, "Flood Control," message. What drives me insane is occasionally it does work. WTF? I promised Batz I would spend all tonight writing witty comments in reply to his posts but I can't pull his posts up let...
  20. PistolPatch

    Perth Drinks With Eric8 - Lc, S&a, Clancys Etc

    Eric8 is in Perth this weekend :super: . He has Sunday arvo free so those who can come and have a drink, we'll start at Little Creatures at 1:30pm. Maybe kick on to Sail and Clancy's a little later so PM me for my mobile number so you can find us. Who's coming :) ?