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  1. ohitsbrad

    For sale: 230L Fisher & Paykel Fridge/Freezer old $50 PERTH

    Hi guys I'm moving so looking to give up an old fridge I have which I was using for beer storage. I've also used it for fermentation with a temperature controller in the past and also for storing kegs. Fits two corny kegs. It's a Fisher & Paykel and about 230 litres. The freezer only runs at -10...
  2. ohitsbrad

    Imersion Chiller

    The submersible pump is quite small. I just put it in a standard supermarket bucket which is maybe 8 litres? I top it up as necessary until I'm recirculating. I've never measured how much water I use, but I'm concerned about it like everyone else. Come brew day admittedly, I'm most concerned...
  3. ohitsbrad

    Imersion Chiller

    Agree that you shouldn't need both an immersion chiller and plate chiller. If you were to go with the immersion chiller; at first connect it to tap water and collect the hot exit water in a bucket to use later for cleaning. When its cooler (60, 50, 40 degrees?) you can, and this is what I do...
  4. ohitsbrad


    Nick, that seriously made me LOL.
  5. ohitsbrad

    Tempmate Heating Options

    Hey yall Im considering upgrading to a tempmate too. Am considering a heater belt or pad - whats the consensus on whats better - belt or pad? Have previously used a fridgemate with a aluminum covered lamp in the chest freezer when on heat mode but this has struggled to raise temps very well...
  6. ohitsbrad

    Fermenting Freezer

    Not really, but I'm only fermenting at ale temps. I just wipe it out occasionally and leave it open when I'm not using it. Used to be harder to get fermenters in and out of a small-ish fridge when I used that.
  7. ohitsbrad

    Fermenting Freezer

    Yeah, I've got a chest freezer which I acquired from the family. Fits two Coopers style 30 litre fermenters. I control it with a fridgemate.
  8. ohitsbrad

    Millenium And Galaxy Hops

    So how much Galaxy can I use in an APA? Who has pushed it? Seems to be a few comments that you can overdo it. Is it better to blend? Just did an IPA with around 90g at each of 10min, 5, 0 and dryhop. So was thinking of scaling back to around 60g at each of those. Be nice to do all Galaxy...
  9. ohitsbrad

    Mac's Sassy Red

    reviled: I'd probably give S-04 a go. S-05 worth a try too. Since they apparently use a strain not available to us I suppose its going to be hard to get it quite right anyway. Screwtop: Most of it is caramalt which just seems to give it body and head retention. A few swirls of this beer in the...
  10. ohitsbrad

    Honey Malt, What Is It ?

    Thanks newguy. I listened to the podcast of the style show today again. It really didn't convince me to go with the extended boil and caramelisation option. But I wanted to be convinced! it sounded like fun. Have you brewed it with the specialty grains instead? Which did you prefer?
  11. ohitsbrad

    0 Mins Additions

    Yeah I think commercial breweries whirlpool before chilling. But I'm sure many of us with immersion chillers do it the other way around. Doesn't matter if you splash then either.
  12. ohitsbrad

    Honey Malt, What Is It ?

    Has anyone tried the caramelised version of the Scottish ales in the book? Where you drop all the specialty grains, add a bit of roast barley, mash lower, but boil a few litres of the runnings of the mash down until the sugars caramelise to create the traditional toffee flavours, and boil for 2...
  13. ohitsbrad

    0 Mins Additions

    Only just started whirlpooling myself because of the same reasons. Following from Stuster, try making a hook for the hop bag so it can hang over the side of the kettle but so that you can still put the lid on at flame out. Leave it in there. Chill with the immersion chiller. Then when cool...
  14. ohitsbrad

    What are you brewing II ?

    About to drain off this American IPA from the mash tun: 25L OG 1.065 65 IBUs 7 SRM 87% Barrett Burston ale malt 6.5% Carared 5% Munich I 1.5% Caramunich I 7.36kg total. Mashed at 65deg. 10g Columbus 60min 45g Sticklebract 10min 45g Nelson Sauvin 10min 90g Simcoe 5min 90g Amarillo 0min 80g...
  15. ohitsbrad

    The Australian National Homebrewing Conference

    This is going to be such a MAN fest.
  16. ohitsbrad

    2008 Wa State Amateur Brewers Competition

    Hi guys, is there a thread for AABC 2008? The closing date for entries is 11 Oct apparently. Does anyone know if there is a drop off point organised or do we send our own separately to Grain and Grape? Brad
  17. ohitsbrad

    What's The Most Crystal Malt You Have Used?

    Hi Rob. I used about 30% in an attempt to brew something similar to Macs Sassy Red, which they say is only 60% base malt. I used 16% caramalt, 9% crystal malt, 4.5% dark crystal, and 1.5% chocolate. The FG was 1.014 (OG 1.047, 70% apparent attenuation). Mashed at 67deg. Probably didn't pitch...
  18. ohitsbrad

    Mac's Sassy Red

    Had a go at brewing this a couple of months back. I tasted the real thing side by side with it on the weekend. To get it closer I think I would need much more hops in the flavour and aroma. Probably twice as much. But maybe 5 IBUs or so less bitter overall. The colour was OK. Next time I...
  19. ohitsbrad

    What are you brewing II ?

    Boiling now: NZ red ale 25L OG 1.067 IBU 67 SRM 16 6.6% ABV 6.4kg maris otter (80%) 500g Bairds pale crystal (6.3%) 500g Weyermann munich I (6.3%) 250g Bairds dark crystal (3.1%) 250g Weyermann caraamber (3.1%) 100g Bairds pale chocolate (1.3%) Mash at 67deg. 24g Pacific Jade (60min) 43 IBU...
  20. ohitsbrad

    Berliner Weisse

    I'll second brendanos with pitching the lactobacillus at least with the ale strain if not before. Since we used the blend we couldn't control this, and the lactic sourness isn't huge. Although the blend has the brett too which is developing over time. And the wheaty grainy flavours come...