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    Carbon/ashy taste from element

    Hi all I brew BIAB, in an electric Nano-Brewery kettle. When I finished the mash, I raised the grain bag and sparged the grains with about 10 litres of water for my pre-boil vol of about 30 litres. Anyway the mash and boil went well. My brew has now finished fermentation. There is a kind of...
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    Amount of trub in secondary

    Hey all, I normally brew Biab. But needed a simpler brew with one of my kids home with on school hols on my usual brew day. So I brewed a Mangrove Jacks Craft pouch series. Did their Munich Helles. After fermentation was complete, I transferred it to a second fermenter (was at around 0-2 in my...
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    Belgian Bier de Garde

    Hey All I'm looking to brew a Bier De Garde (Amber) in the next few weeks. I'll be using my Wyeasy 3522 (that' be it's third use), and some French Aramis hops from Brewman - they smell/taste delicious, as I just used them in my Belgian Golden Ale (which I've just had a few of). So I want to...
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    Bier De Garde (Amber)

    Hey All I'm looking to brew a Bier De Garde (Amber) in the next few weeks. I'll be using my Wyeasy 3522 (that' be it's third use), and some French Aramis hops from Brewman - they smell/taste delicious, as I just used them in my Belgian Golden Ale (which I've just had a few of). So I want to...
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    KegKing Mkii temp control/calibration

    Hey A little while I posted here . Some of the things raised where me needing to check the calibration of my hydro (done that) and my temp controller. It was suggested I should check the KegKing temp controller at 0...
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    What grain mill to buy

    Hey, I'd like to buy a mill for either my birthday in a month or Christmas. I don't particular understand a lot of the factors at play. I know I just missed the Mash Master Mill Master mini, but the timing wasn't right for me, with other priorities. I have read some articles/posts here such as...
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    Vienna lager - better efficiency

    Hi all, I brewed a Vienna lager on Wednesday. This was my second brew on my electric Cheeky Peak kettle (36 ltr, Keg king PID temp controller). After I had completed my mash, I had a measured mash eff of 43%. You'll see from the attached my main grains were Vienna and Munich I (both...
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    Leffe Yeast Strain

    I've had a few of the Leffe Blonde and Brown of late. Really enjoy these style of beers and the yeast character. A few questions: is there a comparable White Labs yeast strain that I can use for both styles? Looks like the Blond matches an a style example for a Belgium Blond Ale in BJCP. What...
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    Riedel - Craft Beer Glasses On Sale

    Hey All, Just got an email from Riedel. Their craft beer glasses are on sale!
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    English (Brown) Porter

    Hi All, I'm looking to brew an English Brown Porter - BIAB (recipe attached). I have done some research on here and BYO . It seems clear that a brown porter, would have some caramel, chocolate malt, and historically brown malt. I have read that modern brown malts are very different to...
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    Kegerator and issues holding ale temps

    Hi Gents, I have a Kegerator series 4. I got this from my workplace. I used it successfully from Jan-Apr brewing some lagers and an ale all successfully in terms of my temps I wanted it to hold. I've had it off for say 3-4 weeks, as I needed to take a break from brewing/drinking due to some...
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    Brewing salts for mash ph

    I'm looking to start using brewing salts to adjust my mash ph. From some reading I've done in one of Gordon Strong and John Palmer's books, I can raise my mash ph with calcium carbonate and lower it with calcium sulphate or calcium chloride. Would you use those brewing salts to do this? I'm...
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    Traditional Bock (6C)

    Hi, I'm looking to do a BIAB Bock soon. A traditional Bock/Dunkles Bock 6C as per the BJCP 2015 style guides. I read the thread, from about 10 years ago here - which was a good read. I found more recipes here and BYO for the other sub-category Bocks (Helles, Mai, Doppelbock) and less for this...
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    BIAB - Vienna Lager

    I'm looking to brew a BIAB Vienna Lager soon. From the recipes I've found so far, here and on BYO and Beersmith I thinking something like the attachment. Any comments about the grains selected? Does anyone use something other than Carafa I or II get the colour there after, such as Dark Munich...
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    American Amber Ale

    I'm looking to brew an American Amber ale next. I'm looking at using the hops and yeast that I have, they are in the recipe. I've been reading Gordon Strong's Brewing Better Beer. He talks about adding speciality malts from other countries, to add more complexity/interesting flavours. So I was...
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    White Labs 550 - fast fermentation

    Hi guys, I used my first liquid yeast last Wednesday, when I brewed my Belgian Pale Ale. I used Belgian Ale WLP550. I made a starter on the 8th Nov, with 650ml of water, and 100g of LDME - which I boiled for 15 minutes. Once cooled, I added the yeast to my flask. The next day, I brewed my...
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    Belgian Pale Ale

    Hi, I'm looking to brew in the next month a Belgian Pale Ale. I have put this recipe through Beersmith that I have recently bought. I've had a look at recipes at BYO and Beersmith - and under recipes on AHB too :) I've also just bought Gordon Strong's Brewing Better Beer. He has a Belgian Pale...
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    Bulk priming high(er) gravity beers

    Hi all, I've been enjoying bulk priming my beers, for say the last 5 brews I've done. Previously I was over-carbonating them. I can taste they are better from transferring to a secondary fermentor to add my bulk priming sugar. My questions is, do people approach bulk priming differently, when...
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    American Red IPA

    G'day, Looking to brew a beer in a few weeks to have put on tap, at our roastery. I'm going to brew for the guys an American Red IPA. I have downloaded the BJCP style guide 2015. I was thinking of using an Coopers Amber ale can as my base, and to provide some of the crystal malt...
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    Belgian Dubbel partial mash

    Hey all, I posted last night to introduce myself on the welcome part of the forum. I've been enjoying brewing for the last year. By day I roast coffee, for a speciality coffee roasting company in Sydney. I recently just completed my first partial mash. I have also downloaded ianh xls. Looks...