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    help reading report

    awesome thanks Leyther! so far I've only done simple beers but am looking to adjust for regional styles. Haven't noticed any trub/hop issues but also haven't tried my hoppy ipa yet. grain and grape sent me some treatments for 'melbourne water' in a kit I bought from them, and it does look like...
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    help reading report

    yeah I did that - I asked specifically for the minerals that ez water/bru n water/beersmith requires. they replied back with their generic report - maybe I'm missing something in the report which is why I was looking for assistance with interpreting it given my limited chemistry knowledge. the...
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    help reading report

    hey all I've asked for the specifics from southeast water that I'd plug into ez water or bru n water but they just replied with the 2017 report available on their website. could anyone lend a hand interpreting the report I'm in locality 670? I can't seem to see sodium, magnesium, potassium...