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    Hops by the gram

    Hello All, Other than cheekypeak, do you know of anyone selling hops by the gram? I'm chasing some equinox/ekuanot/hbc 366 for a 4 Pines Indian Summer Clone and can only seem to get them in 100gram+ packets, when I need about an 8th of this. Alternatively, a good substitute to go with the...
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    Balter XPA clone assistance.

    I am trying to put together a grain bill for this beer. However my palette is not refined enough to do so from the 1 can I thoroughly enjoyed. I plan on using citra, centennial and Amarillo to bitter to 30IBU and a dry hop of equal quantities of each. (I brew 1 gallon batches and was thinking...
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    Assistance in converting an AG recipe to extract.

    G'day All, I was hoping for some help adjusting this to an extract brew. Source: Original: 8.0 lb Pale Malt, 2 Row 1.0 lb Torrified Wheat 0.75 lb Caramel Malt 20L Briess 1.0 oz Saaz (CZ) 60 min 1.0 oz Saaz (CZ) 5 min California Ale...
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    Cider: Pimping the Brigalow Kit.

    G'day All, a new brewer, but I have used the search function and read the sticky posts, I promise. Many of the threads I read didn't seem to come to a conclusion, but rather left open ended. I am looking for advice to pimp the Brigalow kit to suit a sweet palette. I snagged the kit with a new...
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    Cliche First Post

    G'day all, Cliche first post, I am based in Gympie, QLD. I have bought myself a couple of 5L Carboys and have put down 2 brews this week. A stone and wood pacific ale clone and an apple and pear cider. I foresee a steep learning curve and want to move to a small biab setup after a few more...