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    Getting Beer Out!

    Hello everyone, Do to the current circumstances, I can see a time when I will no longer be able to get gas for my kegs. At the moment I have 7 gassed kegs in my fridge. My question is, how am I able to get the beer out when I eventually run out of gas? I have heard of the bike pump method, but...
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    flavouring hops

    G'day, I put my wort into cubes to allow it to cool before fermenting it. I just can't get that floral flavour from my last addition hops. The beer just comes out too bitter. I was wondering if I didn't put the last addition hops in the boil, but put them in the fermenter instead. Would...
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    Hi everyone, Do I carbonate my beer before lagering or do I put in my kegs and lager for 4-6 weeks then carbonate. Cheers, Monkeyguts
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    Yeast temperature

    G'day, I'm having a go at my first lager. For my ales I hydrate my dry yeast in warm water before pitching. But The pitching temp for this lager is 10 degrees. Will this yeast hydrate at a lower temp? I don't want to pitch it if it is too warm. Or, do I just sprinkle it straight into the...
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    Acetone smell

    G'day, I just took the top off the fermenter that I had my latest batch of wheat beer in. It nearly blew my head off with the smell of acetone. I have read about this happening, but I can't remember the cause. Obviously something to do with a bug and the yeast. My two questions are, what...
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    Batch sparging temps

    Hi everyone, At what temp should you batch sparge? I generally use water at around 90 degrees. However, I have just read in John Palmer's book that it should be no higher than 77 degrees. My beer turns out fine, but I'm wondering how much better it might be if I use a lower temp. In the the...
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    Sparge water temp.

    G'day, Just wondering what temp do you have your water at when you batch sparge? I have been reading some books that have conflicting advice. Cheers
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    Converting batch sizes

    Hey Men, I have had a mind blank just when I am calculating my new brew. My pre-boil volume is 56 L and my post boil is 42L. When I convert batch sizes, say from a 23L recipe, do I use the 56L or the 42L? Cheers in advance.