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  1. Malnourished

    Free Busted Fridge (melbourne)

    Anyone want a busted fridge? It kinda works - makes loads of ice around the freezer and doesn't get cold enough, but it might be fixable if you know what you're doing. Otherwise it'd work fine as a fermentation chamber. It's smallish, maybe 1500mm high, with a small freezer section. It fits...
  2. Malnourished

    Your Favourite Belgian Brew

    I definitely recall Delhaize stocking several Cantillon brands and Mort Subite Oude Gueuze (and it's probably the right time of year for their Oude Kriek too), as well as Achel and a few other interesting things. If you just want cheap stuff in bulk get him to stop at a "drankencentrale" -...
  3. Malnourished

    A Plea From Murray's

    Don't you have to be a brewery to count as a microbrewery? ;)
  4. Malnourished

    Otway Estate

    Yeah, it's a very nice place. People are very friendly etc. And they have copies of Radical Brewing to read by the fire! To be honest I was more impressed with the food than the beer or the wine, but they're just starting out I suppose. The beers weren't bad as such, just pretty plain. Same...
  5. Malnourished

    European Vacation....

    Holiday woo aaaahh aaaahhhh..... As for actual holiday advice, throw out the Lonely Planets and get copies of CAMRA's Good Beer Guides to the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic to decide where to go. Too easy. For web-based info on continental Europe, this site is a great start.
  6. Malnourished

    Style Of The Week 4/7/07 - Specialty Beers

    Can you post or provide a link to Gerard's recipe? I can't find anything about it... I think your beer at the schwarzbier end of the scale isn't necessarily any less authentic than something more brown. Sure, most of them are probably closer to a dunkel but some of them are pretty roasty - like...
  7. Malnourished

    Style Of The Week 4/7/07 - Specialty Beers

    Yeah, I think the absence of Czech tmav beers from the BJCP is the greatest outrage in human history. It baffles me that there are three grades of bitter, three grades of Scottish ale and nothing for this. But anyway... Phrak, to me, the difference between a tmav/cern and a dunkel/schwarzbier...
  8. Malnourished

    Whats In The Glass Pics

    Why you gotta hate? I'd say that Mhlen, Pffgen, Pfaffen and Peters (of what I've tried) are at least that dark.
  9. Malnourished

    Step Mash Theory - A Technical Question

    Yeah but that says nothing about the temperature of the rests themselves. Imagine how many medals you would've won if you made your 50C rest a 60C rest!!!
  10. Malnourished

    Where To Find Saison Dupont?

    Grain and Grape don't ship beers, you have to get them in store. Megabeer are basically the importers, but the minimum order is a mixed case (they also have Hommelbier, St Bernardus and Thomas Hardy's.) Cloud Wine will ship single bottles (and have a broader range of other stuff to make up a...
  11. Malnourished

    Step Mash Theory - A Technical Question

    The problem with resting in the 50-55C range and 'thinning' beer is that this is right in the optimal temperature range for peptidases. This is why it's suggested that step mashes with modern malts start ~60C, but I've banged on about this so many times on this site I'll leave it at that. I...
  12. Malnourished

    Brewseeker - Out Of The Ordinary Geez they've got some weird stuff there. Looks.... interesting. :blink: No mention of the beer on the website sadly. I'd love to hear how it is.
  13. Malnourished

    Best Ag Plisener Recipe? Malts, Hops, Yeast Etc?

    I'm not sure that you can categorically say that higher alcohols aren't a concern with bottom-fermenting yeasts. I'd love to see some research on the matter (to prove me wrong no doubt) but on a logical level it makes sense to me that bottom-fermenting yeast in a homebrew setup could be under a...
  14. Malnourished

    Step Mash Theory - A Technical Question

    Yeah, it's the old nibbler (beta) and chomper (alpha) analogy. The beta amylases 'nibble' on the end of the starches, whereas the alpha amylases 'chomp' them down the middle. If this is accurate it makes sense to me that beta amylase would work far slower than alpha amylase, and it's presumably...
  15. Malnourished

    Best Ag Plisener Recipe? Malts, Hops, Yeast Etc?

    I think you are mistaken. It's your beer, but I don't think what you're doing is best practice. Al Korzonas says(my emphasis and celcius conversions):
  16. Malnourished

    Style Of The Week 7/3/07 - Russian Imperial Stout

    What makes you say that? I've never had that problem, though I usually repitch yeast at bottling after prolonged secondaries these days.
  17. Malnourished

    Style Of The Week 7/3/07 - Russian Imperial Stout

    LOL, for the record, the two of us were the only entrants. So neonmeate came dead last. But at least I'm an international award-winning brewer now! As for the recipe, brew it as is and see what you reckon. For my tastes I think it would be a little too sweet - especially after the roast and...
  18. Malnourished


    Sorry to harp on this, but there's a definite reference in the quote from Kent Fletcher I posted above where he describes beer filtered through a 1-2 micron filter as tasting like 'seltzer'. A quick Google finds a sort-of one from Jim Busch (of Victory) here. I don't have it in front of me but...
  19. Malnourished


    I presume lagering doesn't remove all yeast, because lagers usually carbonate without added yeast after a couple of months lagering. In any case, my concern is much more with what else is removed. I think that's the point! Not every aspect of the brewing process is 100% understood... and when...
  20. Malnourished


    Well to this point I've basically stuck with facts, but here are some of my beliefs. Sorry for the length of the post! :D Obviously beer contains HEAPS of different flavour compounds, the vast majority of which aren't or can't be measured. But just because something can't be quantified...