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    To Cooper's Yeast Users!

    Hi to All!!! My question to australian homebrewers that use Coopers yeast. What is a max temperature that You used the Coopers yeast? Here in Israel the weather like to australian weather and I want to know if Cooper's yeast is good for me in summer? Thank You!
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    The Hard Choise

    I don't know what to choise from two crushers. -- "2A" for 99$ OR -- "2D" for 129$ What do You think about this? What are advantages every from them?
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    Less Of Beer

    Was brewed dark AltBier. I took 1.65kg of Pilsner 1.80kg of Munich Light 0.3kg of CaraPils 0.15kg of Crystal 10L 0.15kg of Chocolate 0.75kg of Barley] 0.40kg of Flakes] 22% no malted grains -------------------------- 5.2 kg of grains I got 17 liters with OG 1.048. :angry: Why? I don't...
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    Australian And Nz Hop Producers

    Can You give any links? Thank You
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    Need Kegs

    I need 60-90 beer kegs of 30-50 liters(new or used) with all fittings. If can anybody give me link on the producer(factory) in Australia or New Zeland? Thank You. Best regards, Alex
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    Yeast For Wheat Beer

    Hey to All! I brewed any times a wheat(dark and light) beers. Yeast that was used was imported from Germany. It has very low floculation and I want to pass other yeast. I saw in Canada many people used by Winsdor and Nottinghem yeast. But I don't know if can use it for wheat beer. If anybody...
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    Coopers' Ingredients

    Hey to All! I have a question What do You think about hopped and unhopped malt concentrats and yeasts of "Coopers"? Thank You